Foo Babe is one of my creations as an artist and it is also my brand. The most prominent trait of the Foo Babe character is that he is charming; however, he actually has more of an unruly persona and often finds himself in unfavourable situations. He is the key player in my art concepts.

Currently, I am working on a few projects that are connected. The first being a painting collection of 'comic book' pages, where each canvas will be a piece of the Foo Babe story. I will then start an animated series that follows up the exhibition.

Portraits will be created of all the characters in the Foo Babe comic painting collection and will lead to creating NFT editions, and collectable 3D figurines.

My first NFT collection is made up of three characters that are a part of the Foo Babe story, alongside an animated logo created to commemorate my first clothing collection. I am also releasing a one of one digital painting.

All of these will be available on the S4SE Marketplace, linked below.

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